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School of Business and Economics 

Orientation Courses First Phase 
AUC 401 "Communication and Investigation" (Comprehensive Resume) (2 credits) 
AUC 402 "Organization Theory"(Portfolio). (1 credit) 
AUC 404 "Academic Evaluation" Questionnaire (1 credit) 
AUC 405 "Experiential Learning"(Autobiography). (1 credit) 
AUC 406 "Professional Evaluation" Evaluation Matrix (1 credit) 
AUC 408 "Fundament of knowledge" Integration Chart (1 credit) 
AUC 409 "Development of Graduate Study" Guarantee of Academic Degree (2 credits) 

Orientation Courses Second Phase 
ARED 410 Hidden Connections (reading and summary) (1 credit) 
AREF 422 References and Bibliography (I credit) 
ACUR 400 Curriculum Design or Course Proposal (1 to 3 credits) 
AUC 420 Seminar Cultural Development (Practical Experience) (1 credit) 
AUC 425 Seminar International Development. (Publications) (1 credit) 
AUC 421 Seminar Administrative Summary (Book Summary) (1 credit) 

Core Courses 

LED 102 Issues in Leadership (3 Credits) 
BSA 300 Cooperative Education in Business (3 Credits) 
BSA 400 Business Administration (3 Credits) 
FIN 402 Advanced Finance (3 Credits) 
FIN 408 Investment Management (3 Credits) 
FIN 411 Money and Banking (3 Credits) 
MBA 301 Corporate Strategy (3 Credits) 
MBA 303 Operations Strategy (3 Credits) 
MBA 305 Strategic Management of Information Technology (3 Credits) 
MBA 307 Decision Analysis (3 Credits) 
MBA 402 Leading through Change (3 Credits) 
MBA 406 Organizational Diagnosis (3 Credits) 
MGT 303 Managerial Decision Making (3 Credits) 
MGT 305 Managerial Economics (3 Credits) 
MGT 307 Managerial Accounting (3 Credits) 
MGT 309 Managing People and Organizations (3 Credits) 
MGT 311 Information Management (3 Credits) 
MGT 313 Operations Management (3 Credits) 
MKT 402 Advance Marketing (3 Credits) 
MKT 404 Competition and Strategy (3 Credits) 
MKT 406 Emerging Issues in Marketing (3 Credits) 
MKT 408 Product branding (3 Credits) 
Master's Thesis (6)

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