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(CSUNY) Purpose

 The purpose of (CSUNY) University is as follows:

  • to adhere to the basic right of education as outlined in the Declaration of Human Rights, by providing an affordable alternative to achieve educational goals for a broad spectrum of people worldwide from different societal and economic backgrounds
  • to maintain our excellent academic reputation
  • to instill in our students a sense of confidence and self reliance in their ability to access the vast opportunities available through information channels, the world wide web, private, public, nonprofit, and nongovernmental organizations in an ever expanding global community
  • to provide academic preparation of the highest quality while addressing the needs of adult learners by grounding the academic programs in outcome-based learning and offering programs in an accelerated time frame
  • to intensify the use of Information Technology to stay at the cutting edge of distance learning universities
  • to encourage freedom of inquiry and a free exchange of ideas among learners, faculty, administrators and staff
  • to provide the support necessary for learners to successfully complete the program of study and to overcome any completion deficiencies
  • to combine theory and practice which prepares professionals for leadership responsibilities;
  • to empower learners and help them take advantage of the enormous array of resources from the world environment in order to eliminate the current continuum of poverty and limitations